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A film by Crimson Cinema Productions. The Crescent Occurrence follows a man named Riley Fault as he attempts to infiltrate a laboratory to steal a mysterious, hallucinogenic compound only known as Crescent. As Riley makes his preparations, his life descends into madness and violence and what begins as a simple job becomes a fight for survival. As well as a fight for his own sanity…

This film is still very much a work in progress. Some of the effects are still a bit rough and the finished product will look very different from this trailer. Principal photography on the film has wrapped and we are in late post production. Currently, the final cut of the film has been assembled and the crew is working on compiling the VFX elements and the musical score for the film. 

More updates to come!

This is a trailer for a film that I directed and shot last spring. There were some difficulties with post production but we’re are finally making progress and will soon finish! Keep in mind, that the film is not a finished product and this trailer will reflect that as many of the effects aren’t entirely finished.

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