My Long Hiatus From Blogging

It has been about a year since my last post and it saddens me that I have neglected this project. But as many of my readers undoubtedly know, life often gets in the way. However, I have returned with a renewed resolve to write and post on a much more frequent basis and one can expect to see much more from me in the coming months. In fact, one could expect a new post by the end of this week! Exciting things are yet to come, my friends.

So to remind my readers of who I am and what my intentions are with this blog. I am Coleman McPherson and I am now a senior at the University of Alabama double majoring in Telecommunication & Film and English. I started this blog as a conduit for me to share my own personal insights on filmmaking and general media. In the past, I have posted reviews of films in addition to my own critical analysis of trends in filmmaking. I also hope to post some of my own work as I complete more. It is my hope to continue this mission going forward with renewed fervor and precision.

Over the past year, I have been mostly devoted to my studies which are nearing their end. Also, I have spent time working at a film production company in my home state which has been an invaluable experience for me, honestly, to some degree more so than my studies. It is one thing to sit in a class and learn about filming and to work on projects specifically tailored to the views of a professor or a course text but it is something else entirely to be able to have a comprehensive hands-on experience on set. While I have enjoyed my time at my alma mater, I have learned that student films only go so far in teaching one about the art as they are made with required (though sometimes arbitrary) creative restraints. However, to be able to work on independent projects with a professional cast and crew gives one more free reign and allows for a more in-depth learning experience. Following my graduation and throughout the application process for my continued education (I hope to obtain my Master’s degree in Communications before fully entering into the professional world), I shall be continuing my work with this studio. Ideally, this will be my gateway into professional filmmaking as I will not only be bolstering my own reel with the films I assist in making but I will also gain new colleagues with each production. At the end of the day, one of the primary aspects of the art is networking.

Expect a new opinion piece sometime toward the end of the week. Hopefully, it shall be a much better read than my previous posts as I have spent a lot of time over the past year honing my skills as a writer.

Auf wiedersehen (I just watched Django Unchained, hence the German salutation).